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Yuko Tavern Restaurant - Porto, Portugal

A place to taste one kind of our amazing dish Francesinha!



If you are coming to Portugal you have to try Francesinha! It's Mandatory! You won't find anything like this in another country! And the secret is kept in the sauce! 

· For Appetizers, we didn't order appetizers, because we were in a hurry, but we heard that their fried codfish is delicious, gonna try it next time!

· For Main Dish, we ordered the one and only, Francesinha - Francesinha Tradicional com Ovo.
          Review: We love Francesinha, we are always making it at home, but we also like to try it at different restaurants, because of every place as its own secret! The sauce! You can have spicy ones, sweet ones, the meat flavor ones, and even shrimp sauce! We like the traditional Francesinha! 

· For Dessert, we shared a Strawberry Cheesecake.
The plating was really simples but beautiful, the flavors were very strong and the strawberry was full of flavor and sweet! A must try! 

The restaurant is very cozy, it's walls are made of traditional Portuguese Stone, that gives you an old vibe, but always keeping everything comfortable and clean! The staff is very helpful and knows how to sell you something that you'll love! 

Ps- Richie drank a Super Bock Beer and Andrew a SevenUp!

Yuko Tavern, Porto★★★★✩


This is not a sponsored post, is our honest opinion!


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