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White Wine Sangria Recipe

This Sangria will give you a fresh mood for your dinner!


Tell me one person that doesn't love a good Sangria and I'll make him love mine! It's a challenge!

This Sangria goes very well with spicy dishes or summer nights! It's Super delicate and fresh! I love to do Sangria on Saturdays, this way we can rest on Sundays! 

White Wine Sangria - The2Planners


500mL White Wine
 500mL Champagne
1 tbsp Granulated Sugar
 Lime Slices
1 Cinnamon Stick
3 Mint Leaves


1. In a jar add white wine, sugar, lime, cinnamon stick, and mint.

2. Let it rest for 30min and add champagne.

3. If you keep it resting in the fridge you can add the ice cubes on the glass, if not add in the jar directly.

4. Drink with moderation, or not 😂.

White Wine Sangria - The2PlannersWhite Wine Sangria - The2Planners


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