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VIGO | City Guide - 2 days in Vigo, Spain 🇪🇸


VIGO | City Guide - 2 days in Vigo, Spain - The2Planners

Finding Vigo, Spain, in the charm of the largest city in Galicia and discover the heart of the Rías Baixas: it's light, its temperate climate, its gastronomy, its culture, and its incredible landscapes. Visit Vigo and let yourself be carried away by this unique city that always leaves its mark.

CITYGUIDE - Vigo, Spain - The2Planners.pngVigo is a city located in the south of Galicia, a short distance from Portugal. A real paradise for a 2-day getaway, romantic or family.


Vigo Spain The2Planners

Facing the Atlantic, this maritime city combines its natural beauty with the friendliness that is typical of the Galicians. It is one of the largest cities in Galicia and dazzles thanks to its beautiful estuary. With a vibrant spirit and gastronomy that smells of the sea, Vigo is a destination designed for those who want to enjoy a weekend away from home but close to Portugal, between the sea and nature, perfect for a romantic getaway or a vacation in the family. Its proximity to Portugal makes it suitable for a very short vacation when the goal is to restore energy or simply change the air. As it is a relatively small city - when compared to the large European centers - there is a calm and tranquility that the city transmits. Its beaches with wide sands and crystal clear waters are the icing on the cake. Just a few minutes from the city center, and connected by buses, are the most desired beaches for those visiting Vigo, which combine blue waters and paradisiacal views with recreational areas with swimming pools for those who do not venture to get their feet wet in the waters. from the sea with temperatures close to glaciers.
Having an important fishing port, Vigo has an abundance of seafood and fresh fish, mirrored in the typical gastronomy that can be eaten in the city. In addition to food, the city has several art galleries and museums.

"You cannot imagine anything more fascinating than this bay of Vigo, an immense lake surrounded by mountains (...)". Jules Verne

Vigo was designed for those who are looking for a destination that brings together a wide range of options: beach, water sports, leisure, nightlife, and Galician gastronomy.

Once in Vigo, one of the destinations not to be missed is the Cíes Islands (very soon here).

Tip: How to get there? A very practical and economical way to reach Vigo, especially for those traveling from Porto (Portugal), is by train. A few minute's walks from the center are the Vigo train station, without the need to take public transport to start your exploration journey. It is a worthwhile trip, due to the impressive landscapes that the route shows, lasting just over 2 hours and at a very attractive price.

CITY GUIDE – 2 Dias em Vigo

There are several activities to do in Vigo, which keep you busy for several days. To be able to enjoy the best that the city can offer, 2 days are enough to venture into the most emblematic points of the city, without any big rush. Taking advantage of the stay in the beautiful Galician city, it is mandatory to visit the Ciés Islands, which must have a day dedicated only to them!

The2Planners Monte do Castro

Monte do Castro Vigo Spain The2plannersMonte do Castro Vigo Spain The2Planners

It is the highest point in the city, right in the heart of Vigo. Within the walls of this fortress, you will find the castle of O Castro, its gardens, and its spectacular views. From its walls, you have a privileged view of the Vigo estuary, which offers the perfect setting for a photo.
There are two ways to visit this place: by car (with parking just a few meters away) or on foot, however, anyone who wants to climb from the lower part of the city has a long but beautiful climb ahead.

The2Planners Casco Vello (Historic Center)

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Vigo breathes from its Historic Center, its charismatic old town: a small village in the middle of an industrial and noisy city. It is the center of an ancient city where the remains of the walls can still be guessed.
In this beautiful neighborhood of alleys and streets that wind down to the sea, located in one of the best gastronomic areas in the city, you can taste wines and tapas, or sit down to dinner in the city's historic restaurants.

The2Planners MARCO – Vigo Museum of Contemporary Art 

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Suitable for those who like contemporary art. It is located in one of the most popular shopping areas. At our option, do not visit the museum.

The2Planners Porta do Sol

Porta do Sol Vigo Spain The2Planners
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It is one of the most important squares in the city of Vigo, surrounded by restaurants and cafés. A great place to have lunch or rest in the late afternoon, accompanied by a Spanish beer and tapas.

The2Planners Rúa Pescadería

Rúa Pescadería Vigo Spain The2Planners

Also called Oyster Street (Calle de las Ostras) and located very close to the port, close to the historic area. An almost mandatory visit! For those who expect a quiet dining area, it is best to avoid it. The street has several restaurants offering seafood and, in particular, oysters from the region. Open, fresh, and tasty.

The2Planners Museu Quiñones de León

Museu Quiñones de León  - Vigo The2Planners

It is right at the top of the city and has a privileged view of the entire region. It is worth visiting the museum, and "spending" a few hours in the gardens. The outdoor gardens, with free entry, allow you to enjoy an interesting and relaxed afternoon while strolling through the romantic gardens that surround the museum.
The walking route is demanding, marked by demanding climbs. For the more fearful, they can go by taxi, and then enjoy the descent on foot.

The2Planners Praia de Samil

Praia de Samil - Vigo - The2Planners

It is the most popular beach in Vigo! With long white sand that contacts with water that, although fresh, is crystal clear. A precious place to enjoy your family with all your offers. Equipped with facilities such as swimming pools, showers, skate parks, picnic areas, and restaurants.
By car, it is only a few minutes away from the city center. For adventurers on foot, the connection between the city and the beach is made quickly by bus.

The2Planners Ilhas Cíes

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Vigo Spain The2PlannersVigo Spain The2Planners


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