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Tuna Pate Recipe

Tuna Pate, the appetizer that I most do in a dinner with friends!


If there is an entry that is absolutely mandatory at any party or dinner at home, it is the tuna pate! It should be made in advance to serve it very fresh. It is cheap, tasty, and is an accompaniment that is wonderfully complemented with beautiful toasts... and white wine! Let's do this together? ❤️

tuna pate -


4 Cans Tuna in Oil
4 Kani-kama Bars
2 Cups Mayonnaise


1. Open the tuna cans and remove excess oil.

2. Place the tuna in a bowl and roughly undo it with a fork.

3. Add the mayonnaise, creating a homogeneous paste.

4. Add the Kani-kama cut into thin slices and the oregano, mixing well.

5. Place it in the cold and serve with toasts or toasted bread.


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