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Fried Chicken Recipe

Taste the beautiful crunch of this chicken! So so so good! 🥰

Ingredients - Marinade: 1Kg Chicken Pieces   2 tsp Salt  2 tbsp Soja  2 tbsp Ginger Zest 1 tsp Garlic Paste 2 tsp Black Pepper ½ Cup Milk Ingredients - Coating: 3 Cups All-Purpose Flour ½ Cup Cornstarch 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp Garlic Powder 1 tbsp Paprika ½ tsp (...)

Easy Beef Nachos Recipe

If you love nachos, try this ground beef recipe! Mega Spicy! 🌶

Who loves spicy food? We do!!! 🥰 This is a perfect recipe to dip your tortilla chips in! or if you prefer you can do this recipe in the oven, with nachos and grated cheese! Take notice that this recipe is super spicy, if your not a big fan of hot-spices don't use the (...)

Coconut Shrimp Curry Recipe

If you love curry and spices, you will love this recipe!

The yellow color of this dish is amazing, and its flavor will transport you to the most amazing places! Once again, we only bring you easy and delicious recipes! It's our promise to you! Give it a try! Ingredients: 250mL Coconut Milk 250g Shrimps 1 Chilli 1 Onion 1 (...)

Cheesy Nachos Recipe

OMG! If you love cheese and spicy food this will be your new favorite recipe!

Can you handle a spicy dish? We love spicy food, and if you add cheese you will conquer our hearts! this Nachos recipe is very very simple, but will be your favorite comfort food! We promise! 🥰 Ingredients : 200g Tortilla Chips Cheese Sauce (ingredients below) 1 Jalapeño 1 Chilli

Spicy Cheese Balls with Bacon Recipe

Do you love cheese? And spicy food? Okay, so try this 10min easy recipe!

You can do this in 10min, let's set up the chronometer?  This recipe is super easy and for cheese lovers is just perfect! It combines a lot of flavors, such as the hotness of the chili, the saltness of the pretzel, and the sweetness of the jam!  I'm always making these (...)

Francesinha - Little Frenchie Portuguese Sandwich Recipe

With a very spicy and beer-flavored sauce, Francesinha is special for those well spent late Saturday

In Portugal, especially in PORTO, we love to eat Francesinha, this kind of sandwich is very traditional, and you will find it made in numerous ways, but promise to me that you'll try the original one! That's the best! One of the best dishes in the hole country!  Ingredients: (...)

Portuguese Steamed Clams Recipe

If you love spicy food this recipe is just for you! A Traditional dish with lots of flavors!

Ingredients: 1Kg Vietnamese Clams 1 Large Onion 150mL White Wine 80g Tomato Paste 2 Bay Leaves Chili (lots of it)  Salt Olive Oil Recipe: 1. Place the clams, sliced onion, white wine, tomato paste, bay leaves, chili, salt, and olive oil in a pan, place on medium (...)