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The 2 Planners

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Eleven Lab Concept Restaurant - Porto, Portugal

Do you look for a nice restaurant near the riverside? This is a healthy and good option for you!

· For Appetizers, we were in a hurry, so we didn't get any appetizers, you'll have to do a Russian Roulette on the menu! 😅 (...)

Yuko Tavern Restaurant - Porto, Portugal

A place to taste one kind of our amazing dish Francesinha!

If you are coming to Portugal you have to try Francesinha! It's Mandatory! You won't find anything like this in another country! And the secret is kept in the sauce!  (...)

Cruel Restaurant - Porto, Portugal

“A vida pode ser cruel, coma e esqueça” - Life can be cruel, eat and forget

Andrew toke me here this year for my birthday (Richie), it was an amazing and very tasteful adventure! Right in the downtown of Porto, Cruel is one of the most adventurous restaurants that will amaze you with their food and good taste! (...)