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Portuguese Meat or Ham and Cheese Rissoles Recipe

They are always ready to fry in the freezer, ready to be the lifeline in any emergency!

Ingredients - Dough: 1Kg Wheat Flour 1L Water 1 Pinch of Salt 1 Lemon Peel 150g Butter Recipe - Dough: 1. Put the water, salt, lemon peel, and butter in a large saucepan until boiling. 2. After boiling the water, put the flour in one go and stir until it forms a (...)

Chicken Quiche Recipe

If you have any leftovers at your place! Do a Quiche! tasty, joyful, and beautiful!

If you have a lot of leftovers and don't like to waste your food (and money) doing a quiche is the best thing you can do!  You can do it with tuna, chicken, beef, spinach, everything goes well with this! Give it a try! Ingredients: 1 Shortcrust Pastry 5 Eggs 200mL Cream (...)

Francesinha - Little Frenchie Portuguese Sandwich Recipe

With a very spicy and beer-flavored sauce, Francesinha is special for those well spent late Saturday

In Portugal, especially in PORTO, we love to eat Francesinha, this kind of sandwich is very traditional, and you will find it made in numerous ways, but promise to me that you'll try the original one! That's the best! One of the best dishes in the hole country!  Ingredients: (...)

Portuguese Chicken Soup Recipe

For a special occasion, or for those sick days, a soup always makes us feel like a kid again!

For those cold, rainy days, we love to make soup, in the summer not so much, but when the winter comes we love to feel cozy! Nothing better than a beautiful bowl of chicken soup, this recipe is very simple but so yummy! Try the recipe and tell us your thoughts!  Ingredients: (...)

Portuguese Duck Rice Recipe

If you never tried duck, you have to taste this dish! Will amaze you! ❤️

In the middle of the table, you'll create a splash of color with this platter! Beautiful golden rice, almost toasted and crunchy, to make your friends love duck!  Ingredients: 1Kg Rice 1 Duck with Giblets 1 Carrot 1 Onion 2 Garlic Cloves 1 Pepperoni Sausage 1 (...)

Chicken Stroganoff Recipe

Let's get creative with this recipe! You can add everything that you love! ❤️

A dish that allows a little creativity, with cream, without cream, with broccoli, with carrot, everything is possible to create! If you don't know what to cook but you have a little of everything, try this recipe! I promise it will taste like home! 😊 Ingredients: 3 (...)

Meat and Potato Pie without Crust Recipe

With no crust, this pie will melt in your mouth!

This one is meat, but it could be tuna, hake, cod, spinach, etc., with a good puree, any pie is the salvation for a last minute dinner!  So yummy! 😍 Ingredients: 2Kg Potatoes 800g Minced Meat 300g Fresh Mushrooms 250mL White Wine (1 Cup) 1 tbsp Butter 2 Bay Leaves (...)