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Portuguese Fried Codfish with Purée Recipe

A treat to make in the oven, a traditional flavor, and with a smell of fresh peppers!

Codfish is very traditional in Portugal, so we do a lot of dishes with it! If you ever come to Portugal you can try it on almost every side of the country, in numerous ways! Ingredients: 4 Codfish Slices 4 Onions 1Kg Potatoes 1 Green Pepper 1 Red Pepper   4 Black Olives (...)

Portuguese Salt Codfish Fritters - Pataniscas de Bacalhau Recipe

On a Portuguese table, you can never miss the codfish!

When you don't have a lot of codfish, you can shred it and make some beautiful golden salt codfish fritters, or as we say in Portugal Pataniscas! You can eat this delicacy as an appetizer or a main dish, with salad or tomato rice. Ingredients: 400g Shredded Codfish  3 Eggs (...)

Portuguese Codfish and Fries Recipe

A Portuguese remake of Fish and Fries, with a twist of Portuguese flavors!

In my hometown, Richie, this is a very known dish, this was the Sunday special in every home! And you knew that when this was served that that was a very special day! This brings very good memories!  Try to create your good memories while cooking with friends, family, or (...)

Fried Blue Whiting with Bean Salad Recipe

This looks super complicated, but we promise to you that this recipe is super easy to make!

Fried Blue Whiting fish laden with lemon juice, will make your mouth water! It is a dish that can be accompanied by many delicacies, but nothing better than a good bean salad. Ingredients: 12 Blue Whiting   6 Egg 500g Baked Black Beans 500g Green Beans / Pods  200g Flour (...)

Golden Codfish Recipe

You will eat with your eyes! A very delicious and beautiful recipe!

There is no color more beautiful than the yellow of the golden cod that comes from the homemade eggs of the chickens in the yard! With the freshness of the freshly picked parsley, there is a plate to eat and cry for more!  That's why it's called Golden Codfish! In Portugal (...)

Cod with Cream Recipe

A very Portuguese recipe of codfish with potatoes, cream, and breadcrumbs!

Who doesn't love a good dish just out of the oven? Directly from the platter to the plate, just be careful because it will be hot! Ingredients: 600g of Codfish 1Kg of Potatoes 1 Large Onion 40g Cornstarch Flour 40g Butter 250mL Milk 250mL Cream Water from the boiled (...)

Russian Salad Recipe

A homemade Russian Salad with hake fillets!

Good in winter, delicious in summer... I make a very nice sauce with the egg yolks, but if you prefer you can always add some mayonnaise... This recipe is really simple and you can eat it all year and never get tired of it! try my recipe and tell me what you think! Ingredients: (...)