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Caipirinha Recipe

This is sweet, this is fresh, this screams summer nights at the beach! 😍

Ingredients - 2 Drinks:  Crushed Ice 1 Lime 2 Shots Cachaça (60mL) 1 tsp Light Brown Sugar 2 Mint Leaves Recipe: 1. First, let's break the ice. 🤣  If possible you can buy already crushed ice. 2. In a shaker add the tsp of light brown sugar, the cachaça, and the (...)

Perfect Lemonade Recipe

Fresh, Strong, and with the mood that you need on a hot day! 🍋

If life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade 😍 🍋 Ingredients: Ice 200mL Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed) 400mL Water 3 Mint Leaves 4 Lemon Slices 1 tbsp Yellow Sugar Recipe: 1. First, let's squeeze the juice out of some lemons until you get 200mL of lemon juice. 2. In (...)

Sparkling Berry Sangria Recipe

This drink is very fresh and super easy going on a dinner on Saturday night!

This is probably the drink that we most do at our home! This and caipirinha! You must do this as well! The berries are amazing with the sparkling wine and if you don't like berries you can change them with other kinds of frozen fruit that you have! You'll thank us later! We (...)

Aperol Spritz Recipe

Our recipe is done with a simple twist! Check it below!

Ingredients: Half the Glass Size of Aperol Spritz Half the Glass Size of Sparkling Wine Cinzano Pro Spiritz 1 tbsp Sparkling Water 1 Orange Slice 2 Green Olives (Our little twist)  3 Ice Cubes Recipe: 1. In a glass, add ice, half the glass of Aperol, and then the (...)

White Wine Sangria Recipe

This Sangria will give you a fresh mood for your dinner!

Tell me one person that doesn't love a good Sangria and I'll make him love mine! It's a challenge! This Sangria goes very well with spicy dishes or summer nights! It's Super delicate and fresh! I love to do Sangria on Saturdays, this way we can rest on Sundays!  Ingredients: (...)