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Aperol Spritz Drink Recipe

Our recipe is done with a simple twist! Check it below!

Ingredients: Half the Glass Size of Aperol Spritz Half the Glass Size of Sparkling Wine Cinzano Pro Spiritz 1 tbsp Sparkling Water 1 Orange Slice 2 Green Olives (Our little twist)  3 Ice Cubes Recipe: 1. In a glass, add ice, half the glass of Aperol, and then the (...)

White Wine Sangria Recipe

This Sangria will give you a fresh mood for your dinner!

Tell me one person that doesn't love a good Sangria and I'll make him love mine! It's a challenge! This Sangria goes very well with spicy dishes or summer nights! It's Super delicate and fresh! I love to do Sangria on Saturdays, this way we can rest on Sundays!  Ingredients: (...)