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Salted Caramel and Nuts Cheesecake Pots Recipe

Oh nuts! Here we go! You can do a lot with them, and each of them are very unique!

It will always be different, depending on which nuts do you love more! This time we did it with pecan nuts! But for you, others can work as well! Quick tip, If you like a more liquid caramel just double the double cream! 🤤 Hope you like it!  Ingredients: 6 Oatmeal (...)

Cinnamon Cookies Recipe

You will love these cookies, and you can do it with 5 simple ingredients!

We love to cook with cinnamon, our favorite holiday of the year is Christmas! So cinnamon is always in our recipes! 🤭 If you like cookies and cinnamon, this is your recipe! After making this recipe I only whished one of two things, to have a big glass of lemonade or to (...)

Portuguese Biscuit Ice Cream Recipe

A very traditional homemade ice cream in Portugal!

The traditional Portuguese Biscuit Ice Cream is super easy to make and even easier to eat! It will vanish from your freezer and the kids will love it! You have to try it! Ingredients: 4 Egg Whites 400mL Cream 200mL Condensed Milk 200g Portuguese Biscuit (or any kind you like) (...)

Chocolate Salami with Portuguese Biscuit Recipe

The power of chocolate in an easy recipe with only 5 ingredients!

A classic of any Portuguese house, which brings together two of the favorite ingredients here at home: chocolate and the Portuguese biscuit. It is done in 15 minutes and eaten in a few hours, so delicious it is. Ingredients: 2 Eggs 50g Butter 125g Chocolate Powder 1 (...)

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

There is nothing better than chocolate, cookies, and milk. These Chocolate Chip Cookies are loved by kids and adults, it's a party for everyone. This recipe is the meaning of love! And I love to do it, it's very simple and can be done in just one second! I love to do it on (...)