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Caipirinha Recipe

This is sweet, this is fresh, this screams summer nights at the beach! 😍

Ingredients - 2 Drinks:  Crushed Ice 1 Lime 2 Shots Cachaça (60mL) 1 tsp Light Brown Sugar 2 Mint Leaves Recipe: 1. First, let's break the ice. 🤣  If possible you can buy already crushed ice. 2. In a shaker add the tsp of light brown sugar, the cachaça, and the (...)

Passion Fruit Mousse Recipe

Are you in need of a fresh dessert? Here you have a good one! 😉

Ingredients: 400mL Cream (35%) 300mL Condensed Milk 565g Passion Fruit Pulp (with seeds) 3 Passion Fruits (topping) 5 Sheets of Gelatin (...)

Traditional Brigadeiros (Brazilian Fudge Balls) Recipe

Only 3 Ingredients, one of them is optional! So you can always change and get creative!

This recipe will save your life when you have some cravings for chocolate! We do this a lot! And you can use anything you have running out at your place! Super easy, super delicious! Don't forget to have fun! 😍 Ingredients: 200mL Condensed Milk 3 tbsp Chocolate Powder (...)

Brazilian Cheese Bread Recipe

One more cheesy recipe! Get it? 😆 😅

After baking this, your house will smell wonders, 😅 , the smell of Sour Starch is really intense and acid/sour and it will be impregnated in your kitchen through the day! But the flavor will be the reward that you need! These are amazing for eating on a Sunday afternoon (...)