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Easy Beef Nachos Recipe

If you love nachos, try this ground beef recipe! Mega Spicy! 🌶

Who loves spicy food? We do!!! 🥰 This is a perfect recipe to dip your tortilla chips in! or if you prefer you can do this recipe in the oven, with nachos and grated cheese! Take notice that this recipe is super spicy, if your not a big fan of hot-spices don't use the (...)

Focaccia al Pomodoro Recipe - Cherry Tomato Bread

Focaccia is life, you just need to try one to get addicted!

Ingredients: 1 tsp Granulated Sugar 5g Bakers Yeast (or 15g Fresh Bakers Yeast) 1 ½ Cups Warm Water (not hot water) 3 Cups Wheat Flour 2 tsp Salt (Sea Salt) ¼ Cup Olive Oil + 3 tbsp Olive Oil 10 Cherry Tomatoes (...)

Simple and Easy Garlic Bread Recipe

Beware of the problems that garlic will bring to your relationship 🤣🤣🤣

Andrew loves this garlic bread recipe! I'm not such a fan of garlic, in a matter of fact, I can really leave very well without it! Yes, you can always change garlic with something else and it's still delicious! But the things we do for love! 😅 Ingredients: 1 Baguette (...)

Brazilian Cheese Bread Recipe

One more cheesy recipe! Get it? 😆 😅

After baking this, your house will smell wonders, 😅 , the smell of Sour Starch is really intense and acid/sour and it will be impregnated in your kitchen through the day! But the flavor will be the reward that you need! These are amazing for eating on a Sunday afternoon (...)

Cheese Sticks Recipe

They melt so so so good! You can try this recipe with Emmental, Mozzarella, or Gouda Cheese!

Yes, it's true! We are addicted to cheese! ahaha and we love to eat it at any time! So this time we made a very delicious appetizer, that you can make with three types of cheese! We only say these three because are the ones that we tried! The Emmental ones are our favorites (...)

Vietnamese Garlic Prawns Recipe

We decided to try something new! Do you wanna try this with us?

This kind of cuisine was a first for us! But we are telling you... these prawns were from beyond this world! You have to try them to taste it for yourself!  Ingredients:  700Kg Prawns (peeled and deveined) 2 Garlic Cloves 1 tsp Dried parsley 1 tsp Black Pepper ½ tsp (...)