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Portuguese Chicken Soup Recipe

For a special occasion, or for those sick days, a soup always makes us feel like a kid again!


For those cold, rainy days, we love to make soup, in the summer not so much, but when the winter comes we love to feel cozy! Nothing better than a beautiful bowl of chicken soup, this recipe is very simple but so yummy!

Try the recipe and tell us your thoughts! 

Portuguese Chicken Soup Recipe - The 2 Planners


1 Chicken with Giblets
 250g Pasta Risone
Olive oil


1. In the first stage, it is necessary to break the chicken into pieces and remove possible eggs inside the chicken and the giblets.

2. In a pan, place the chicken pieces in water with salt and oil and cook.

3. After cooking the chicken, remove it from the pan and shred completely. Then pour back into the pan, together with the egg yolks previously removed from the chicken.

4. As soon as the water comes to a boil, add the pasta and wait for it to cook.

5. Before serving, check if you need salt.

Portuguese Chicken Soup Recipe - The2Planners


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