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Portuguese Biscuit Ice Cream Recipe

A very traditional homemade ice cream in Portugal!


The traditional Portuguese Biscuit Ice Cream is super easy to make and even easier to eat! It will vanish from your freezer and the kids will love it! You have to try it!Portuguese Biscuit Ice Cream - Gelado de Bolacha Maria - The2Planners


4 Egg Whites
400mL Cream
200mL Condensed Milk
200g Portuguese Biscuit (or any kind you like)
50g Portuguese Biscuit to Grate


1. After separating the egg whites from the egg yolks, whisk the egg whites.

2. Then, whip the cream until smooth, like whipped cream.*

3. Add the condensed milk and mix.

4. Grate 200gr of Portuguese biscuits in a shredder or kitchen processor and add it to the previous preparation.

5. Finally, add the egg whites, slowly wrapping to avoid losing the lightness.

6. Lie down on a platter and sprinkle on top with more grated crackers (50gr of Portuguese biscuit).

7. Store in the freezer overnight.

* Tip: In order for the cream to develop well, it must be as fresh as possible. To do this, place them 1 hour in the freezer before whipping them.

Portuguese Biscuit Ice Cream - Gelado de Bolacha Maria - The2Planners


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