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Portuguese Bifanas (Pork Steaks Sandwich) Recipe

Try adding a nice slice of buttery cheese, it will melt in your mouth!


In Portugal we love all kinds of bread, so we have to use it a lot in our recipes! This recipe is super traditional and you can give it a twist with the melted cheese! Try this at home and share your thoughts with us! ❤️

Portuguese Bifanas (Pork Steaks Sandwich) Recipe - The2Planners


1Kg Pork Steaks to Stew
1 Onion
2 Bay Leaves
150mL White Wine
4 tbsp Tomato Pulp
Olive oil
Black Pepper


1. If the meat comes in very large pieces, cut at home into smaller, thinner strips.

2. In a saucepan, place the sliced onion to sauté with the two bay leaves, olive oil, salt, black pepper, and chili.

3. After the onion is browned put the white wine to boil and then add the meat and the spoons of tomato pulp.

4. Let it boil for 15 minutes on high heat and after that time, leave it for another 10 minutes on low heat to thicken the sauce.

5. You can eat on bread or with other accompaniment that you think is appropriate.

Portuguese Bifanas (Pork Steaks Sandwich) Recipe - The 2 PlannersPortuguese Bifanas (Pork Steaks Sandwich) Recipe - The2Planners


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