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MCDonald's McFlurry M&Ms Recipe

A copycat that will not disappoint! 🍦


It tastes even better because we made it ourselves!

MCDonald's McFlurry M&Ms Recipe - The2Planners


250mL | 500g Milk/Cream Ice Cream
½ Cup M&Ms
1 tbsp Milk
½ tsp Vanilla Flavor

MCDonald's McFlurry M&Ms Recipe - The2PlannersMCDonald's McFlurry M&Ms Recipe - The2Planners


1. Let's crash the M&Ms roughly, save a few for the topping.

2. Put the Ice Cream in a bowl or mug and add the vanilla flavor and the milk.

3. Mix everything with the help of a mixer, this way the icecream will get soft and nice.

4. Add the crushed M&Ms and mix again!

5. Isn't this the best copycat of the McFlurry? You can try with different toppings! 

MCDonald's McFlurry M&Ms Recipe - The2Planners


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