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How to set up your Christmas Tree 🎄

Step by step! Set up the Christmas Tree, the lights, and the decorations! 🎅


How to set up your Christmas Tree 🎄 - The2Planners

It's Christmas time! 🎅 And it's with no doubt the most wonderful time of the year! Thankfully, I and Andrew are both really crazy about Christmas, we love to pick Christmas presents, do Christmas recipes, and fight about the Christmas Decorations! 

This is our first home, since 2017 we live in a nice and cozy (small 🤣 ) one-bedroom apartment in the city of Oporto, Portugal. So we only can do a few things at Christmas... but one day... in the future, we'll go big! 🥰

Here you'll find a few tips to decorate your Christmas Tree!

Hope you find this useful! ❤️ 🎄

How to set up your Christmas Tree - Step by step:

          1. First, open all the branches of the pine, in order to leave it uniform and with a feeling of fullness.

          2. The hardest part is the Christmas lights! Our Christmas tree is 1.80m (6 feet tall) and we use 600 LED lights. It is necessary to place lights on all branches, circularly from inside the tree to the outside and again inside. Don't get dizzy.

          3. After putting the lights on, we like to put a box, or a drawer to give height, a stage, to our tree.

          4. Now, the best part! Put on the Christmas ornaments! First place the ribbons or bows you have, to fill some spaces inside the tree.

          5. Shall we put the Christmas balls? Start by placing the largest ornaments and then go on placing the smaller ones. Always fill the inside of the tree with the biggest ornaments, to cover the metallic parts that give the tree a fake look.

          6. Once placed, you can place props that you have to fill certain spaces that seem more sad/empty. For this, the best option is to get Christmas ornaments like flowers or leaves. There is a lot of options to chose from.

          7. Cover the box under the tree with a Christmas skirt. We used two, one larger one that looks like snow and then another smaller one that simulates snow.

Tip1: In a Christmas tree, you should have no more than 2 to 3 colors of Christmas ornaments.
Tip2: Buy basic ornaments in large quantities, then you will buy unique elements that will make your tree special over the years.
Tip3: If you can buy a tree that already has built-in lights, it will save your life, in terms of time, and the lights can be replaced on the unit if one goes down.
Tip4: Don't skimp on the Christmas tree, if you buy something good once, you will have no more worries, then over the years you will only have to buy one or the other ornament.
Tip5: If you are on a budget, invest in a fluffy tree, not on a big one. Fluffy trees will be easier to set and will need fewer ornaments, this way ending up prettier with less money. 

How to set up your Christmas Tree 🎄 - The2Planners

You didn't use all the Christmas balls or ornaments? 

          The2Planners at your rescue! If you have Christmas balls left in your Christmas boxes, you can always fill small pieces of decoration that you already have at home! Our living room coffee table is now even more beautiful, filled with Christmas Spirit!

How to set up your Christmas Tree 🎄 - The2Planners

Love and be loved this Christmas! ❤️

A big kiss and a warm hug from The2Planners!

Merry Christmas!



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