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Cruel Restaurant - Porto, Portugal

“A vida pode ser cruel, coma e esqueça” - Life can be cruel, eat and forget


Andrew toke me here this year for my birthday (Richie), it was an amazing and very tasteful adventure! Right in the downtown of Porto, Cruel is one of the most adventurous restaurants that will amaze you with their food and good taste!

Cruel Restaurant - Porto, Portugal - The2PlannersCruel Restaurant - Porto, Portugal - The2Planners

At every birthday we go out to dinner as a couple and do dinner at home for our friends, just a small get together! This year it wasn't different, we still weren't on quarantine. 😔  Since it was my birthday it was Andrew who should decide the place and surprise me! And boy... yes he did!!!

· For Appetizers, we ordered berlin balls with salmon mousse and wasabi cream, and mushrooms stuffed with burnt goat cheese and peppers jam.
          Review: The berlin balls with salmon needed more flavor of salmon, it was a plain appetizer but the mushrooms here very good and the peppers jam was delicious!

· For Main Dish, we ordered the ruddy, confit and grilled pork cheeks, and hallucination mushroom risotto.
          Review: We always do a thing, where we order two different things and in the middle of the dinner course we change plates, this way we both can enjoy new flavors and delicacies!  The Risotto is always moving, you should see it and it was really good, you could feed the freshness of the mushrooms and it had a hint of wine. The Pork cheeks were the most surprising for me and Andrew! They just melted in our mouths, full of flavor and the amount was pretty generous!

· For Dessert, we shared two desserts, tiramisu de lima em coma alcoólico, e crumble de ruibarbo com algodão doce.
The looks were mesmerizing! the crumble has a simple flavor but the presentation is so special and fluffy, but the tiramisu wins in flavor and the lime is really present and fresh!

Overall, the restaurant wins you over, because it continues to surprise you during the dinner and the flavor is present, and you can actually taste things that you never tried before!

Ps- I drank a sangria and Andrew a glass of white wine!

Cruel, Porto★★★★✩

Cruel Restaurant - Porto, Portugal - The2PlannersCruel Restaurant - Porto, Portugal - The2PlannersCruel Restaurant - Porto, Portugal - The2PlannersCruel Restaurant - Porto, Portugal - The2Planners

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