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Chinese Almond Chicken with Yangzhou Fried Rice Recipe

This recipe is part of a Chinese three-course dinner, for a special and different night!


This is the main dish of our homemade Chinese dinner! The almonds with this chicken sauce are so unbelievable! I could eat this for the rest of my entire life! 🤤 As I'm writing this posting I'm getting hungry for some more! Check below the full menu! 😅 Hope you love it as much as we did! ❣️

Appetizer - Chinese Dumplings - Gyoza

Main Dish - Chinese Almond Chicken with Yangzhou Fried Rice

Dessert - Chinese Mango Pudim

Chinese Almond Chicken - The2Planners


 750g Chicken Breast
 50mL White Wine
200g Carrots
200g Canned Bamboo Shoots
130g Leek
1 Purple Onion
150g Roasted Almonds
 3 tbsp Soy Sauce
½ tsp Glutamate Powder
½ tsp Sesame Oil
 1 tbsp Rice Flour
 ¼ Cup Vegetable Oil

 1 Cup Rice
 2 Cups Water
50g Peas
 50g Diced Ham
2 Eggs

Chinese Almond Chicken - The2PlannersChinese Almond Chicken - The2Planners


1. To start, and to make it easier, we have to prepare the "Mise en Place" - the setup required before cooking.

2. First cut the chicken into cubes and put them in a bowl to season with white wine, soy sauce, glutamate, sesame oil, and rice flour.

3. Then let's slice the vegetable, the carrots into cubes and the onion and peek into very thin slices.

4. If you don't have roasted almonds, it's okay, you can put them in the oven for about 15min until they get a very nice golden/light brown color.

5. Reserve the almonds and chicken aside. In a pan put the sliced vegetables and cover them with water and season them with salt until they start boiling.

6. In a big wok pan (or big frying pan) add vegetable oil and wait until it gets hot, then add the seasoned chicken to fast fry them.

7. Drain the water from the boiled vegetables (but save the water for later, it contains flavor) and add the vegetables in the wok pan and stir the vegetables and the fried chicken for 5min. And if you need more sauce add slowly the vegetable water that you saved.

8. While the sauce thickens a little in low heat you can start the rice!

9. In a pan add olive oil, salt, and rice and fry it for 2min until adding water. After the water disappears cover the pan and reduce the heat to medium for 10min!

10. In a frying pan add diced ham, peas, and 2 roughly scramble eggs and stir. Then add the cooked rice and stir again until it gets dry.

11. You are now ready to taste this marvelous dinner! The chicken sauce is so good! ❤️ 😊

Chinese Almond Chicken - The2PlannersChinese Almond Chicken - The2Planners


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