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Chicken Stroganoff Recipe

Let's get creative with this recipe! You can add everything that you love! ❤️


A dish that allows a little creativity, with cream, without cream, with broccoli, with carrot, everything is possible to create! If you don't know what to cook but you have a little of everything, try this recipe! I promise it will taste like home! 😊

Chicken Stroganoff Recipe - The2Planners


3 Chicken Breasts
300gFresh Mushrooms
200mL Cream
300g Rice
 1 tsp Nutmeg
Lemon Juice
Black Pepper
Olive Oil


1. In a pan, place rice with salt and olive oil to fry over low heat, then add boiling water. Increase the heat and stir 3 in 3 minutes so that the rice does not stick.

2. When the water starts to disappear, set the heat to a minimum and close the pan for 15 minutes. The rice will get dry and is ready to eat.

3. In a large skillet, add olive oil, salt, black pepper, and lemon juice to sauté the chicken, cut into strips or cubes.

4. Then add the freshly sliced mushrooms and let it sauté.

5. When ready, add the cream and nutmeg. It can serve!

Chicken Stroganoff Recipe - The2PlannersChicken Stroganoff Recipe - The 2 Planners


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