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Caramelized Popcorn with M&Ms Recipe

Do you have plans for tonight? Movie night it is, but you have to find some space for this Popcorn!


Here we love some French Comedy movies (Richie) and Suspense/Thriller (Andrew) 😍 And sometimes it even takes a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide! But a date is always a good thing to do in a relationship! It keeps the flame alive! 

Caramelized Popcorn with M&M's - The2Planners


 ½ Cup Popping Corn
 2 tbsp Vegetable Oil
 2 tbsp Water
 4 tbsp Granulated Sugar
1 Cup M&Ms


1. In a pan add oil, sugar, and corn.

2. Bring the pan to high heat and stir slowly until the liquid evaporates and the popping corn starts to caramelize.

3. As soon as the first popping corn starts popping turn the heat to medium and cover the pan.

4. Shake the pan vigorously every 10 seconds, and put it back on the fire, so that the caramel does not roast. Until there is no more corn to burst.

5. Place the popcorn in a glass or ceramic bowl and eat! I love to add M&Ms, chocolate and popcorn create a wonderful fusion!

6. Enjoy your movie and share it with us! 

Caramelized Popcorn with M&M's - The2PlannersCaramelized Popcorn with M&M's - The2Planners


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