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Caipirinha Recipe

This is sweet, this is fresh, this screams summer nights at the beach! 😍


Caipirinha Recipe - The2Planners

Ingredients - 2 Drinks:

 Crushed Ice
1 Lime
2 Shots Cachaça (60mL)
1 tsp Light Brown Sugar
2 Mint Leaves


1. First, let's break the ice. 🤣  If possible you can buy already crushed ice.

2. In a shaker add the tsp of light brown sugar, the cachaça, and the lime (sliced into 8 pieces).

3. With a pestle, crush the lime slices, mixing everything very well.

4. Add the mint leaves and then the crushed ice.

5. Shake everything very well in the shaker and there you go! You now have 2 caipirinhas ready to serve!

6. Aren't they great?

Caipirinha Recipe - The2PlannersCaipirinha Recipe - The2Planners


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