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Aperol Spritz Recipe

Our recipe is done with a simple twist! Check it below!


Aperol Spritz Drink Recipe - The2Planners


Half the Glass Size of Aperol Spritz
Half the Glass Size of Sparkling Wine Cinzano Pro Spiritz
1 tbsp Sparkling Water
1 Orange Slice
2 Green Olives (Our little twist)
 3 Ice Cubes


1. In a glass, add ice, half the glass of Aperol, and then the Sparkling Wine.

2. Add a splash of sparkling water.

3. Add the orange slice and the 2 green olives.

4. You are ready to go! Feel the Italian energy!

Aperol Spritz Drink Recipe - The 2 PlannersAperol Spritz Drink Recipe - The2Planners


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