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Aletria - Portuguese Capellini Pudding - Recipe

My mom taught me this recipe, plain simple, with no eggs, unlike the traditional ones!


There are those who do it in many ways, this one is egg-free, simple, and delicious! Just bake the dough with a few bibbidi-bobbidi-boos of magic and puff! You'll get a Sweet Vermicelli!

🎄 In our Christmas dinner table, we always have this recipe! you can eat it stray out of the pan or wait until it gets firm like a pudding. 

Aletria - Portuguese Vermicelli Pudding - Recipe - The2Planners


1L Water
250g Pasta Capellini
250g Granulated Sugar
2 Cinnamon Sticks
2 Lemon Peels


1. Put the water to a boil in a pan.

2. Add the cinnamon sticks, sugar, and lemon peels, let it boil for 3 minutes.

3. Place the dough in the boiling water while roughly breaking it with your hands.

4. Let it cook for about 5min and remove the pan from the heat.

5. Serve on individual plates or on a platter.

6. It can be eaten hot or cold, when cold it gets a pudding texture.

7. Have fun writing something or drawing with cinnamon to garnish.

Aletria - Portuguese Vermicelli Pudding - Recipe - The 2 PlannersAletria - Portuguese Vermicelli Pudding - Recipe - The2Planners


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