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Simple and Easy Garlic Bread Recipe

Beware of the problems that garlic will bring to your relationship 🤣🤣🤣

Andrew loves this garlic bread recipe! I'm not such a fan of garlic, in a matter of fact, I can really leave very well without it! Yes, you can always change garlic with something else and it's still delicious! But the things we do for love! 😅 Ingredients: 1 Baguette (...)

Cod with Cornbread Crust Recipe

This recipe is made with Portuguese Corn Bread!

So, it's Christmas time, we are in Portugal, we eat a lot of fish, so it's one more recipe of Codfish!  With bread and potatoes! Soooo, no carbs! Right? Hope you like this simple, yet delicious, recipe! 😍 Ingredients: 500g shredded cod 500g Portuguese Cornbread 1kg (...)

Caramelized Almond Tart Recipe

This is a very traditional Portuguese dessert and you have to try it!

In bakeries you'll find this dessert in small portions, but for you, we made a big one! As always this is super easy, and the ingredients are already in your home, maybe you'll have to buy just the almonds!  We prefer to use shredded almonds, but you can use sliced ones too!  (...)

Fig and Brie Burger Recipe

Who does not like a good rustic burger? If you like different combinations, this is just for you!!!

We know that adding jam to a hamburger can be weird, but this recipe will amaze you! You can trust us! This burger has a sweet and cheese flavor that will win your heart and your belly! 😂 Give it a try! Ingredients: 2 Bolo do Caco Bread (check the recipe here (...)

Portuguese Pumpkin Christmas Fritters Recipe

They are so good still warm! What a treat for Christmas!

At our place, we like to feel and smell the Christmas Spirit! So the countdown starts now! We love the lights, setting up the Christmas tree, decorating the house! It's a magic time of the year, and we have to enjoy every moment of it! So, here it goes another recipe that (...)

Portuguese Chorizo and Mozzarella Stuffed Bread Recipe

If you love hot bread and melted cheese! This recipe is just for you!

If you love cheese as much as we do, this recipe is so right for you! You can eat this at any time, but we prefer it when is still hot, this way the cheese will melt in your mouth, and the chorizo works perfectly here! If you love species as much as we do, you can put some (...)

Portuguese Christmas Doughnuts - Sonhos de Natal - Recipe

How does not love Christmas? The most wonderful time of the year!

Portuguese Christmas Doughnuts can be eaten plain, with sugar and cinnamon, or with syrup! At Christmas, it will warm any soul! Try this recipe to give an even bright color to your Christmas table! Have a Warm and Beautiful Christmas! Ingredients: 250mL Water 7 tbsp Olive Oil 150g Flour